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Isotope Data

Data for Year 13 Physics investigation in to nuclear physics.

Isotope data_student


Gravity Force Lab

Good morning Gentlemen,

The applet you will be using for this morning’s task is located here: http://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/gravity-force-lab Go to that page and click download to run the applet.

Your task is to determine the factors that influence gravity, and the relationship between them. Can you work out a relationship? Do this without looking in your workbook or Google!

Once you think you know, check the equation in your workbook to see if you were correct. (I don’t expect you to work out the constant of the equation, just the terms and the relationship between them).

Use the applet to help you answer question 13 on pg 21.

AFTER you have done those tasks, you ou may find these applets interesting:


Work hard, be nice!

Mr McGregor

20 Feb: Fission Inquiry

Year 12 Physics Students:

Download this document and save it to your personal files. PhET Nuclear Fission Inquiry Lab Follow the instructions. Type your answers directly in to the document. Email your completed document to Mr McGregor.

Once finished, look at this applet about alpha decay and half life.


Then you can ‘play’ with some of the other simulations on the PhET website.