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Year 12 Errors PowerPoint

PowerPoint for Year 12 Physics students for an introduction to errors and uncertainties

Year 12 Errors & Uncertainties


2.5 Mechanics Revision Resources

Revision questions: 2.5 Nuclear Revision Qs (answers included at the end)

Link to animations:


Radiation Comparison

Check out this link for an interesting comparision of different doses of radiation. Was created shortly after the Fukushima disaster – read the additional notes here

20 Feb: Fission Inquiry

Year 12 Physics Students:

Download this document and save it to your personal files. PhET Nuclear Fission Inquiry Lab Follow the instructions. Type your answers directly in to the document. Email your completed document to Mr McGregor.

Once finished, look at this applet about alpha decay and half life.

Then you can ‘play’ with some of the other simulations on the PhET website.

2.5 Half Life Answers

Click the following link to access the answers to the worksheet issued on 20th February.

P 2.5 #3 Answers